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Pro-Service company is the largest federal network of authorized service centers in Russian Federation. Our specialization is the repair of digital techniques and commercial equipment, including its sale. We use the individual approach to each client and the high quality service is put at the center. That is exactly we are trusted by major manufacturers and we were chosen as authorized service center.

Our service

Digital techniques repair. Our service centers carry out warranty repair, post warranty repair, and repair of any degree of complexity all types of mobile phones, smartphones, notebooks, netbooks, cameras, video cameras, DVRs and so on.

Service commercial equipment. We are the authorized service center by such manufacturers as «Glory», «Laurel», «Kobell», «Dors», «Magner», «SmartСash», «Assistant». It enable us to service cash registries, POS-systems, fiscal printers, detectors of currencies, counters of banknotes, payment terminals, including provision of advice and execution of start-up, preventive measures and emergency repairs, check connections and details, and much more.

Sale. We offer commercial equipment by leading manufacturers for development of your business. There are control and cash register equipment, bank equipment,  payment terminals, printers, barcode scanners and data collection terminals by companies: «ATOL», «Multisoft», «Incotex», «Iskra», «Yarus», «KZTA», «Orion Utah Trade», «Arkus-D» and others.

Our advantages

High quality. The ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management System is introduced at the company. 

Quality staff. Our repairmen have relevant certificates and regularly take part at specialized courses on the basis of leading manufacturers.

Wide geographical activity. Our authorized service centers are more than 40 cities of Russia. The Head office is in Moscow. By concluding federal contract we would work on the same conditions in all departments of our company.

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